Android Oreo: The Ultimate In Mobile Software

The mobile software update, Android Oreo, plans to tackle battery life and overall cellular performance and efficiency. Users are already anticipating the many groundbreaking features that are rumored to be part of Oreo’s total package. Developers OnePlus hope to release this software by the end of September.

One of the constant mobile issues that Oreo addresses is speed. Slow speeds plague a lot of mobile users who need quickness when accessing data. Not only does the Oreo start up faster, it does showcase swiftness when it comes to surfing the web. The Oreo possesses more than just speed though – here is a quick look at some of the update’s top features:

Personalized Notifications

People get an overload of notifications in today’s social media-driven world. When you receive a notification, Oreo will give you the option of opening the notification in the appropriate app or taking a quick view at its contents. The user also has the ability to choose which notifications will appear on their phone. You can view your incoming notifications in any way you like, and they can all be displayed on a lock screen.

More Emojis

Not only does the Oreo offer more emojis than most, it has created new emojis as well! Oreo’s improved emoji design and display makes it easier than ever for users to access their favorites faces and logos. The graphics have improved ever so slightly, another plus for emoji fans.

Picture In Picture Capabilities

Picture in picture has been needed for a long time in the mobile world. Multiple pages, different apps; there is always a need to view separate information at the same time. Now, users are able to view Google Maps while browsing the web simultaneously. Do you want to watch two videos at the same time? Doesn’t make sense, but you can accomplish that with Android Oreo. Don’t worry, users can turn off the picture in picture feature at any time.