BlackBerry Targets India For Mobile Re-Birth

BlackBerry is looking to re-emerge as a powerhouse in the mobile industry. Right now, the Canadian company’s target market is India. With nearly a million active BlackBerry users, the mobile developer believes India is the perfect location to re-capture its position as a leader in the popular field.

BlackBerry's Newest Device

Of course, BlackBerry decided to enter the market with a new product. The company officially introduced the KEYone Limited Edition Black, which comes with a price tag of roughly $627. The phone will be available for purchase on August 8. BlackBerry plans to conduct initial sales solely through Amazon India. Smartphone sales have soared across the country recently, and BlackBerry believes there will be sufficient demand for its products.

Multiple features distinguish the KEYone from its predecessors. For starters, this is the first dual SIM BlackBerry phone of its kind. Massive internal memory is included in the KEYone as it has 4GB RAM and 64GB space. A larger, scratch resistant screen and more powerful camera make this one of the more innovative BlackBerry designs in a long time. The product will originally be available for users in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Future BlackBerry Products

The KEYone is only the first product that BlackBerry has unveiled for its Indian customers. The company plans to launch more new devices across several price points within the next year. The hope is for BlackBerry to re-establish itself in the mobile world. The company was once a powerful player in the industry, but since the emergence of competitors like Nokia and Samsung, BlackBerry has fallen on hard times.

BlackBerry was originally founded in 1984 in Waterloo, Ontario. Fifteen years later, the company really took off with its mobile phone concept. BlackBerry is credited as a leader in smartphone production with its phone’s array of capabilities. Although the phone’s popularity has waned for more than a decade, the company believes it can carve out a niche in today’s crowded mobile market.