Essential Phone Price Has Been Slashed By $200

Andy Rubin’s infamous Essential Phone has had its price permanently cut by $200. The disappointing smartphone is still pricey though, with its new cost of $499. So far, the phone has failed to live up to its promise as a real competitor to the highly-popular iPhones.

Essential Phone Flops

Originally priced at $700 each, the Essential Phone’s sales have been consistently slow throughout the past four months. New users will get the phone for $499, and those that already purchased the device will be given a $200 gift card to use on any Essential-related products. The company has yet to confirm its low sales, instead opting to spin the price-cut as the best possible way to market the phone.

The Essential Phone is further proof of just how hard it is to compete in the mobile industry today. Even with a well-earned reputation like Rubin’s, most competitors fail when they choose to go head-to-head with Apple and company. Rubin is the co-founder of Android Inc. and his latest effort shows the overwhelming stranglehold that iPhones currently have on the market.

Andy Rubin’s Smartphone Vision

Rubin designed and developed the phone himself with the hope of competing against the iPhone and other Android devices. The phone was officially unveiled at the end of May and critics quickly questioned if the Essential was worth its $699 price tag. It has been a bumpy road for Rubin ever since the product was first revealed.

At first, Rubin promised customers the phones would be shipped within 30 days. That was not the case though and Essential was forced to do a ton of damage control before the devices were ever released. A majority security breach then took place in August. Following that, many users encountered multiple touch screen issues. It took less than six months for Rubin to accept the many Essential flaws, lowering the price in an effort to kick-start sales.