AT&T Announces Exclusive Dual Screen Smartphone

In a world where every newly-released smartphone looks the same as the one before it, ZTE and AT&T are switching things up and creating a uniquely-designed dual screen device. The ZTE Axon M will include two 5.2-inch 1080p screens that will be attached to one another via a bezel. The screens can be folded back-to-back to create a more traditional smartphone look; however, when folded out, they can appear as one huge 6.75-inch screen. ZTE is obviously taking full advantage of the content-streaming era in technology, but it is also catering to the multitasking society we live in. Regardless, it is encouraging to know that a mobile phone manufacturer is still willing to push the boundaries.

ZTE Axon M Combines Two Screens Into One

Four Screen Modes

With two fully-functioning mobile screens, the possibilities are endless with the new smartphone. In fact, there are four separate screen modes that allow users to accomplish almost anything on the ZTE Axon M. The first is the traditional mode, where you can simply fold the phone over to make it look like a typical smartphone. The Axon M is a little bit thicker that other phones when in traditional mode, but it is still easily held in one hand. The second is dual mode, which allows users to multitask using both screens at once. You can watch your favorite NBA team play on one screen and continue scrolling through your Twitter feed on the other, essentially creating a modern-day palm pilot but better. The third screen mode is extended mode. This mode allows users to stream Netflix or play games on a 6.75-inch full HD display across both screens. Lastly, mirror mode allows you to watch the same TV show as your buddy sitting across from you. Each of you will be able to view your own screen without having to squeeze tightly together on the same side of the booth.

Only Available At AT&T

Sorry Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon customers, but this phone is exclusively available to AT&T customers only. The ZTE Axon M will go on sale next month for $24.17 per month for 30 months, which comes out to a total cost of about $725. In today’s smartphone society, that is not a very steep price for a high-end device, especially one that will be significantly different than any other phone on the market.