Facebook Is Building Massive Campus In California

Facebook is no stranger to innovation, and the tech titan is ready to change the concept of work-life balance by building a massive campus for its employees. The project is being referred to as a “mixed-use village” because it will include housing, a grocery store, a pharmacy, public parks, and a shopping center.

Expanding Facebook Headquarters

Just two years ago, Facebook moved into a 430,000-square foot office in Menlo Park, California. Now, it plans to expand the current building into “Willow Campus,” an all-in-one work environment that Facebook hopes will improve the community, as well as the company. It has not been decided how much of the 1.75 million square feet of office space will be designated to Facebook, but there is a lot more to this massive project than the expansion of the company’s headquarters.

Facebook Plans To Expand Current Menlo Park Offices

Helping the Community

The housing portion of “Willow Campus” will include 1,500 units, 15% of which will be sold at “below market rates,” according to the company’s blog post. The additional housing will complement Facebook’s Catalyst Housing Fund that was established in partnership with other groups within the community to provide affordable housing for the local area. In addition, the campus will include 125,000 square feet of retail space for the grocery store, pharmacy, and other community businesses.

A neighborhood center will be built on campus, in hopes to provide much-needed community services to the surrounding area. Facebook also plans on making an impact on transportation within the community by investing tens of millions of dollars into the neighboring interstate.

What’s Next Moving Forward?

The first step for Facebook is to file their plans with Menlo Park, and that will be completed this month. Facebook believes that formal discussions about the project will last approximately two years. Once the plans are approved, construction will begin in phases. The first phase will include the grocery store, retail space, housing units, and office space, which Facebook believes will be completed by early 2021, according to their blog post.

Often, large organizations bully their way into communities without the decency to provide value to the surrounding area. It is refreshing to know that Facebook cares deeply about the community they are a part of, as they continue to make strides toward their ultimate goal; bringing the world closer together.