Find Your Art Doppelganger With Google’s Arts & Culture App

Google’s Arts & Culture app has created quite the buzz with its new selfie feature. It’s pretty easy to use and the results will more than likely provide you with quite the chuckle. All you need to do is simply take a selfie, and the app will search international museums around the world to find the portrait that most resembles your art doppelganger. It should be said that this specific feature is only available in the United States at the moment, and Google has not mentioned whether or not the feature will be unveiled worldwide yet.

A Year And A Half Later

Truth be told, Google’s Arts & Culture app has been around for about a year and a half. The app itself offers virtual art tours, information about nearby museums and cultural events, and an art recognizer that allows you to take a photo of a piece of art and receive bits of information about the artwork in return. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until Google added the selfie feature that the app really generated some viral attention. Now, everyone is snapping their photo and trying to become the next Mona Lisa.

The Internet’s Reaction

There have been mixed reviews online about the results that some of the app’s users have been getting. It has become quite amusing to see how people have reacted to the portraits they have been matched with. Some users are excited about the accuracy of their results, feeling as though they are connecting with an ancestor of sorts. On the other hand, there are plenty of tweets that verbalize the disgust that some users have toward their results. For example, a young lady tweeted, “I’ve taken like 20 selfies with the Google arts & culture app and gotten this horrifying guy as my top result EVERY SINGLE TIME, who do I sue?” Another user tweeted, “GO HOME, GOOGLE ARTS AND CULTURE APP, YOU’RE DRUNK.” Regardless of the mixed reactions, it’s safe to say that Google’s new experimental selfie feature is a hit.