Five Tips To Save Phone Battery Life

Recent natural disasters have caused major power outages across Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria has hindered locals’ ability to call and contact family members. The latest phenomenon just sheds more light on the importance of cell phones and maintaining battery life when there won’t be a chance to charge that device. Here are five tips for saving phone battery life:

Disable Notifications

Let’s be honest, notifications are great, but they clog your phone more than anything. Most people have multiple apps downloaded on their phones that love to send notifications – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. These notifications give us stuff to do during our down time, but they also drain your battery quickly.

Turn Down Screen Brightness

Most smart phones automatically adjust its own screen brightness. This is done as a reaction to surrounding areas and light nearby. By turning the brightness down as far as possible, users can maximize battery life. This tip goes hand-in-hand with turning off notifications – the less notifications, the less your phone lights up.

Keep The Phone Cool

Some like it hot, but phones do not. In high temperatures, phone batteries die out alarmingly fast. Whether you are tanning at the pool or plan on leaving your phone in the car, it is best to not bring the phone at all. Keep it at room temperature or else.

Turn Off GPS

This one is obvious, but so many people love tagging themselves at each location they visit. If you can resist that urge, then your battery will have a much longer life. Think of GPS as an app on steroids when it comes to eating up battery. If you are using GPS, especially in the car, make sure to keep your phone on the charger at all times.

Text Instead Of Call

Texting may not seem like a faster, more efficient form of communication, but it really is. When cell towers are engulfed during natural disasters, texts are more likely to get through than calls. Plus, a simple text will preserve more battery than a quick phone call.