iPhones Now Only Cellular Option At Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is taking the next logical step as iPhones dominate the mobile industry by selling that product exclusively from now on. The company has confirmed as of June 27th, it will only carry iPhones. Users of Android or Windows Phones will be out of luck after this first of a kind announcement.

As the iPhone only continues to gain popularity, it makes sense that places other than the Apple store would carry the product solely. Virgin plans to compete with the Apple store’s pricing directly with its new initiative though. Mobile is selling the iPhone SE for a price of $279, or $120 less than Apple’s price tag on the phone. With price and packages varying, Apple may be targeting every market and class with its new partnership.

The iPhone exclusivity wasn’t the only newsworthy announcement made by Virgin Mobile. The company is launching a new promotion featuring a $50/month plan for user’s inner circle. Customers will pay just $1 for the first year of use if they purchase the new iPhone. The $50 monthly fee kicks in after the first full year of unlimited service.

iPhones Sold Exclusively At Virgin Mobile Stores

Apple On Top Of Mobile World

Apple announced it sold more than 78 million iPhones during the quarter leading up to the start of the 2017 calendar year. That monstrous figure was up five percent from the prior year. Apple claims the majority of its revenue comes from the United States, Europe, and Greater China. The company hopes its new collaboration with Virgin Mobile will help showcase its product to an even bigger audience.

Headquartered in Missouri, Virgin Mobile is an owned subsidiary of Sprint. The no-contract mobile provider was acquired by Sprint back in 2009 after bursting onto the scene seven years earlier. Virgin products are now carried in various retail chains nationwide. The company now provides cell phone service to nearly six million users.