Jay-Z’s Album Hits Platinum Status In Record Time

It only took Jay-Z’s latest album 4:44 six days to achieve prestigious status in the music industry. The rapper’s 13th studio album has gone platinum in record time. Even more impressive is the fact that Jay-Z released the record solely through his Tidal platform.

The Recording Industry Association of America was the first organization to make an official announcement regarding 4:44’s performance. Jay-Z’s newest album is now in an extremely exclusive club of strictly digital recordings to sell more than one million copies. Tidal subscribers, who are also Sprint users, were the only customers eligible to listen to 4:44, which was released on June 30th.

Tidal saw its subscriber numbers grow substantially following the album’s release. The same situation occurred back in 2013, when Jay-Z released Magna Carta: Holy Grail exclusively to Sprint customers. As was the case with Holy Grail, 4:44 will be made available through physical copies and other streaming platforms in the near future. Apple Music will likely be one of the first services to receive rights to 4:44.

Jay-Z's 4:44 Album Goes Platinum

Recording Industry Adjustments

Although the honor is well deserved, Jay-Z did receive some help from the RIAA. The association recently changed the way it measures sales. Less than a year ago, the system began counting 1,500 streams as one album sale. The certifications are now awarded based on total purchases and online streams. At the same time, Jay-Z’s accomplishment is incredibly impressive when considering his limited Tidal and Sprint audience.

Achieving platinum status in a week wasn’t the only highlight for the 47-year-old rapper. 4:44 is his 13th studio album to attain the illustrious position; a record for hip hop artists. In fact, no other artist has more than 10 platinum recordings. He also owns four collaborative albums that sold more than one million copies. Jay-Z’s latest recording still has a long way to go to catch his top-selling album Vol. 2…. Hard Knock Life, which went five times platinum.