Kendrick Lamar And Jack White Ban Cell Phones At Concerts

Less than a month ago, musician Jack White announced that cell phones will not be allowed at his concerts. And now, rapper Kendrick Lamar has hopped on the bandwagon, telling fans that all mobile devices will be confiscated prior to his shows. Perhaps these two influential artists will start yet another trend by banning cell phones at concerts.

Mobile Interference

White, the former White Stripes frontman, is embarking on his first UK tour in nearly four years. A month after those shows are completed, he will tour the United States in support of his new album, Boarding House Reach. The 42-year-old made the no phones policy a focal point of the coming tour. White says he wants the audience to enjoy a unique “human experience” free of the distractions created by phones. All crowd members must lock up their phones in a secure pouch, which can only be opened in a designated cellular area within the venue.

Kendrick Lamar liked the idea of phone-less shows so much, he decided to adopt the policy as well. While he cited different motives behind the policy, including the protection of his brand, it seems to serve the same goal that White wanted to accomplish. Lamar, who is currently in Europe for the DAMN tour, hopes a smaller amount of social media posting from his concerts will encourage more fans to come out to see the live product.

White And Lamar In 2018

The Compton native is the hottest rapper in the game this year. DAMN took home a Grammy for Best Rap Album and ended 2017 as the number one record on Billboard’s year-end chart. White meanwhile, remains removed from the White Stripes, a decade after the duo’s last record was released. Boarding House Reach is his first collection of solo material in four years. So, look out for both of these artists on the road because it’s likely you’ll be seeing less of them on Snapchat and Instagram.