Lenovo Offering More Battery For Your Buck

Lenovo is hoping its newest phone will finally solve an all too common problem: battery life. The Moto E4 Plus will indeed tackle this issue plaguing the nation’s cell phone users. The newly unveiled product comes complete with a 5,000 mAh battery, with the company claiming the phone can last nearly two days without charging.

The E4 and E4 Plus are not simply one trick ponies though. Adding to increased batteries sizes are a plethora of updates. A 5.5 inch HD screen on the front compliments a 5-megapixel selfie cam. The backside features an enhanced 13-megapixel camera as well. The E4 is available in black, navy, or gray colors. The phone is rumored to be linked to the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone, although full details have yet to be released.

Consumers won’t just enjoy the extra battery life, they will also likely relish the price tag. Both the E4 Plus and E4 will soon be available for purchase starting at $129 and $179. The phones, which will be sold throughout several countries, have stayed true to form with its affordable pricing. Motorola was known for producing quality phones at a low price. That has not changed since Lenovo acquired the company back in 2014.

Lenovo Phone On Charger

New Lenovo Products

The mobile provider will be launching the E4 and E4 Plus after a string of hits. The new products follow the Moto G5, which was called the standard for low-budget phones. The E4 though, features 24 hours more of battery life than the G5. And the prices of both new devices will be less than the former’s as well.

Perhaps Lenovo is tapping into a gap they see in the cellular marketplace. While other providers are focused on improving data and screen options, Lenovo has addressed longer battery life. They are targeting the majority of users rather than a minority looking for phones that can act as life assistants. Nearly all cell phone carriers can relate to the issue of constantly running out of battery life. With Lenovo’s 5,000 mAh battery, that problem will be eradicated for up to 48 hours.