Microsoft Confirms Demise Of The Windows Phone

Over the weekend, Microsoft confirmed it will no longer work on development of the Windows Phone, essentially delivering the death knell to the disappointing mobile device. This means there will be no more new hardware or features coming to Windows Mobile courtesy of Microsoft.

Windows Phone Fails

Originally released in 2010, the Windows Phone was viewed as the mobile phone of the future. At the time, the Windows Phone was looked at as stiff competition for the recently introduced iPhone. Apple had a hold on the market, but experts thought the Microsoft-influenced product could reel in the masses. What appealed to mobile customers was the phone’s immense potential coupled with its simplistic operating system.

Thankfully, this announcement does not mean current Windows Phone users are out of luck. Microsoft will continue to provide security updates to all phones in use. The decision to shut down development on the phone was a simple one for Microsoft. The low number of users meant advertising dollars were hard to come by. It was a very fast fall for the Windows One as sales were in the millions just a few years ago. Now, the device is headed the way of the dinosaurs – total extinction.

Microsoft’s Latest Move In The Mobile World

After taking over Nokia in 2014, Microsoft thought it could carve out a share of the market that was being hogged by Apple and Android. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that wish never came to fruition. Today, nearly 97% of all mobile phones sold are either Apple or Android, leaving hardly any space for Microsoft’s ambitions. And while the company failed to match the two giants’ production capabilities, mobile users should thank Microsoft for its efforts. It did provide customers with a competent third option in the cellular industry. At the very least, Microsoft made Apple and Android better merely by its presence in the market.