Motorola Is Changing The Game With Moto Mods

Motorola is doing its best to try and change the notion that all smartphones are the same. With its lineup of Moto Mods, you can transform a Moto Z phone into a variety of different mobile tools. It’s fairly simple to use any one of these innovative attachments, as they all simply click onto the back of the phone like a phone case. Each mod has its own unique ability, but the entire family of Moto Mods was voted the CES 2017 Best of Innovations Award.

Current Lineup of Mods

The current lineup of Moto Mods includes 14 different attachments that cover everything from battery life to audio enhancement. In fact, there are five different mods that can help enhance your phone’s battery life. One is just a wireless charging shell that allows your Moto Z to charge on a pad without plugging it in. The, there are four Power Pack options that can provide additional juice to the phone’s battery. The Moto Power Pack can add up to 16 hours of battery life, while the Incipio offGRID Power Pack can add up to 22 hours. The Mophie Juice Pack can add up to 60% more battery life.


There are three speaker options available in the Moto Mod family. One is a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa integration, and the other two are JBL SoundBoost speakers that come with built-in kickstands and provide high-quality sound on the go. Motorola also offers a series of camera mods that include a 360-degree camera attachment and a Hasselbad True Zoom mod that essentially turns your phone into a digital camera with all the capabilities. Lastly, the Moto Insta-Share Projector is exactly what it sounds like and includes the ability to project up to a 70-inch display on any surface instantly.

Newest Addition

The newest and 15th installment of the Moto Mod family is called a Polaroid Insta-Share Printer and will be released in January. It will allow your Moto Z phone to instantly print small photos from anywhere. It can print photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos, and it also allows you to add filters. The photos will be 2 by 3 inches and will use special Zink zero-ink paper that includes an adhesive back that allows you to peel and stick your photos anywhere.