Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Debuts This Week

The Samsung Galaxy S-series features one of the most popular mobile phone lineups in the industry, and the Japanese tech titan is getting ready to unveil its most versatile phone yet. In today’s day and age, smartphones can pretty much manage your life, so it is important to have a reliable device. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is slated to be released this week, and it is believed to be the most reliable mobile device on the market.


While the S8 Active is essentially a souped-up version of the original S8, the new additions completely change the complexion of the phone. First, Samsung added a shatterproof screen because there is nothing worse than dropping your phone face down on the concrete and picking it up slowly, praying that it was still intact. The next and most important feature added to the new S8 Active is the metal housing that protects the phone from dust, water, and shock resistance. This phone is perfect for the active customers who are constantly on-the-go but need a reliable phone to manage their schedule, keep in contact with family and coworkers, and have constant access to email. Of course, you don’t have to hike every weekend to enjoy the benefits of an indestructible smartphone. You could just be extremely clumsy or have a water-based occupation that calls for more water resistance.


As previously mentioned, the Galaxy S8 Active is just a modified version of the original S8; therefore, it shares many of the same specs including the 5.8-inch display, 12-megapixel rear camera, and 8-megapixel front-facing camera. The primary upgrade from the S8 is the increase in battery size, going from 3,000 millilamp-hours to 4,000 millilamp-hours.

The Galaxy S8 Active will be exclusively available through AT&T for a limited time, and anyone who purchases an Active through AT&T during the promotion will be eligible to win additional prizes such as $500 toward a Samsung TV, a free Galaxy S8, or a Gear S3.