Save Data & Storage With Facebook Messenger Lite

Almost everyone owns a smartphone in today’s society, so the importance of data, connection, and storage space has continued to increase over the years. There is an app for everything now-a-days; however, smartphones can only store so much. Facebook is one of the most technologically savvy companies in the world, and they understand the struggles that come with data plans and storage space; therefore, the tech and social media titan has introduced a new Messenger app to help customers manage both. Facebook Messenger Lite was launched for Android this week in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Perfect For Slower Internet Speeds

The concept of Messenger Lite was created to help customers living in areas with slower internet speeds and for users that do not use one of the major providers. Facebook actually introduced the app to markets with slower connection speeds first. In fact, it debuted in India in July and became an instant success among users in the second most-populated country in the world. Messenger Lite possesses almost all the same capabilities as the original app including messaging, sending and receiving photos and links, and receiving stickers. Two features that are not included in the new app are the selfie lenses and Messenger Day.

Additional Benefits

For those of you that are not worried about connection speeds because you’re with Verizon or AT&T, there is still plenty of reasons to make the switch. As mentioned above, Messenger Lite uses much less storage to keep active on your smartphone. In fact, Lite uses less than 10MB upon download. In addition, the app will save you a significant amount of data in the process. That could be enticing to users who love to stream TV and movies on their smartphones. Content streaming is currently the hottest trend in mobile technology, but it tends to use significant amounts of data, leaving customers scrambling to find ways to save in other areas. Facebook Messenger Lite could be one of those other areas.