Yea Chess Is Perfect For Players Of All Skill Levels

If you are just starting to learn the game of chess, then Yea Chess is the tool for you. Yea Chess is portable freeware that works for chess players of all levels. The computer animated system will challenge users, while teaching them the rules of the game at the same time.

Acquiring the game is simple. Copying Yea Chess onto a USB stick makes it easy to use and play anywhere at your convenience. Courtesy of Drazen Beljan, this game has easy to use controls, allowing users to scroll, zoom, and click on pieces they wish to move. The computer that acts as your opponent will recognize your skill level and respond accordingly.

Yea Chess is the perfect tool to learn and sharpen your skills. This game can be used even by the most advanced players looking to refine their abilities. Players can also leave and save active games at any time. Yea Chess has hit the market at the perfect time as the game of chess only continues to rise in popularity.

Brown King Chess Piece

History Of Yea Chess

By most accounts, the game originated in Eastern India during the sixth century. The first steps towards the modern game of chess were taken in Europe years later. Manuals and writings about the game began to surface during the 15th century. This is when the rule of whites moving first was put into place. Originally, black pieces were moved followed by white pieces. The game truly began to take shape within a structure during this time period.

Chess gained popularity during the two world wars as a tool used to provoke strategic thinking. The game continues to make an impact in society today, evidenced by the annual World Chess Championship spectacle. Russian Sergey Karjakin is the current World Chess Champion, claiming the title last year in a victory over Magnus Carlsen.

A 2012 study concluded that over 600 million adults play chess, making the game one of the most popular activities in the world. Yea Chess will help to spread the game to an even wider audience.