Google’s New Android Earthquake Alerts in India: Here’s How to Turn It On

Android Earthquake Alerts


In a groundbreaking move, Google has introduced the Android Earthquake Alerts System to India, providing Android users with a vital tool to stay safe during seismic events using current latest technology. This cutting-edge system makes use of your smartphone’s sensors, primarily the accelerometer, to identify and notify you in advance of the presence of an earthquake. We will examine the functions of this system, its characteristics, and how to make it available on Android devices in this article.

Understanding the Android Earthquake Alerts System:

In many nations around the world, Google’s Android Earthquake Alerts System is already active and provides early warnings when seismic activity is discovered. Google has now introduced this method in India in association with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Seismology Center (NSC).

Android Earthquake Alerts

How Does It Work?

This remarkable system transforms your smartphone into a miniature earthquake detector by harnessing the power of the accelerometer, utilizing cutting-edge current tech news. Your phone can detect the first vibrations of an earthquake when it is stationary and charging. The location and magnitude of an earthquake can be determined by Google’s server when many phones simultaneously register earthquake-like tremors.

Google’s server then sends notifications to close-by phones. Based on the size of the earthquake, these alerts are divided into two categories:

Be Aware Alert:

Sent to users who were shaking at MMI 3 and MMI 4 during an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 or above.

Android Earthquake Alerts

Take Action Alert:

Sent to users who are experiencing shaking that is MMI 5+ and has a magnitude of at least 4.5.

Incorporating elements from the new game news, the alarms for stronger earthquakes override the Do Not Disturb settings, flash the screen, and produce a loud sound. The message also offers safety tips for users, such running for cover behind a table.

Lightning-Fast Alerts:

Google emphasizes that internet signals move much more quickly than seismic waves through the ground, moving at the speed of light. As a result, these signals frequently reach smartphones before there is considerable shaking. This early warning can significantly impact the protection of people and property.

Beyond Earthquake Alerts:

More than just earthquake alerts, Google is dedicated to user safety. Along with providing top gaming news, they have expanded their services to include useful information about other natural catastrophes like floods and storms on Google Search and Maps. Searches on Google for “earthquake near me” make it simple for anyone to find this information.

Android Earthquake Alerts

How to Activate Android Earthquake Alerts:

All Android users in India using Android 5 or higher will soon be able to use the Android Earthquake Alerts System. Follow these easy steps to receive alerts:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap Safety & Emergency and then Earthquake Alerts. If you don’t see Safety & Emergency, select Location and then Advanced, and finally Earthquake Alerts.
  3. Toggle the Earthquake Alerts switch to on.

Google notes that its alerts are simple to use and available in Android-supported Indian languages, making them easily accessible to a broad audience, including those who are curious about the trending gaming news. The technology also delivers safety advice on Google Search and information about nearby earthquakes.


In conclusion, Google’s Android Earthquake Alerts System is a big step in improving India’s disaster preparedness. Google is giving consumers the resources they need to stay safe during seismic occurrences by using the power of smartphones and cutting-edge technologies. This system’s early warnings and safety advice have the potential to save lives and lessen the effects of earthquakes on local populations.

Android Earthquake Alerts

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Is the Android Earthquake Alerts System available to all Android users in India?

Yes, the system will be accessible to all Android users in India with Android 5 or higher.

What are the different types of earthquake alerts provided by Google?

Google offers two types of alerts: ‘Be Aware Alert’ for MMI 3 & 4 shaking during an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 or greater and ‘Take Action Alert’ for MMI 5+ shaking with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater.

How fast are the earthquake alerts delivered to smartphones?

The alerts are delivered at the speed of light, which is much faster than the propagation of earthquake shaking through the ground.

What languages are the earthquake alerts available in?

The alerts are available in Indian languages supported by Android.

What other natural disaster information can users find on Google?

Users can find information about other natural disasters like floods and storms by conducting searches on Google Search, such as “Earthquake near me.”

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