Amazon Prime Day Sale: Get the iPhone 14 for Rs. 66,499!

iPhone 14


Technology lovers in India have reason to celebrate as the long awaited Amazon Prime Day Sale approaches. According to reports, the highly desired iPhone14 will be marked down drastically to a tempting Rs. 66,499 during the sale. Throughout the article given by MobitechWorld, we’ll go into more depth about this intriguing deal, go over the specs of the iPhone 14, and talk about how the price cut would affect Indian customers.

I. A Shopper’s Paradise: Amazon Prime Day Sale:

An explanation of the Amazon Prime Day Sale and its importance
successful previous iterations of the sale
What to expect from the impending sale

II. The iPhone 14: A Modern Marvel:

A description of the iPhone and its upcoming features
modern improvements in design and display
improved photographic tools and upgraded camera capabilities
The strength of Apple’s A-series chipset iOS 15 and its cutting-edge features
Additional battery capacity and charging possibilities.

III. The Impact of Price Reduction:

India’s historical iPhone price trends
Compared to its predecessors, the price of the iPhone 14 is lower.
advantages of purchasing a reduced iPhone
Indian consumers will now have access to more affordable prices
Possibility of a spike in sales of the iPhone 14 during the Amazon Prime Day Sale

IV: Apple’s Business Plan for the Price Drop:

Evaluating Apple’s choice to participate in the Amazon Prime Day Sale and provide a lower pricing
the desire to increase market share and appeal to a larger clientele
placement in relation to competing smartphone brands

Using the Prime Day Sale’s notoriety to build hype and boost sales

V.Things to Take Into Account Before Making a Purchase:

Understanding a person’s needs and preferences
Evaluating the iPhone 14‘s future worth
Determining whether additional accessories and services are necessary
Investigating alternatives for trading in and exchanging current gadgets
Budgetary restrictions and available financing choices.

VI. Advice for Making a Purchase Successfully During the Sale:

Setting up reminders and anticipating the selling date
Examining the advantages of Amazon Prime membership
Knowing the sale dates and lightning deals
Reading consumer and product reviews
Ensuring a seamless checkout

VII.Options besides the iPhone 14:

Investigating further smartphone options in the same pricing range
Alternative Android devices with equivalent features
The benefits and drawbacks of selecting a non-iPhone smartphone
evaluating the app availability and ecosystem compatibility

When the Amazon Prime Day 2023 sale begins later this week, the price of the iPhone 14 in India is expected to decrease. The biggest sale of the year for the e-commerce giant’s Prime subscribers is expected to feature a variety of offers, deals, and discounts on the newest cell phones and consumer electronics, including Apple*s newest iPhone series of handsets. The pricing of the iPhone has been disclosed by Amazon ahead of the sale, which starts on July 15 at midnight.

India’s cost of the iPhone 14 at the Amazon Prime Day sale:

The price of the iPhone 14 would be reduced to Rs. 66,499 in India during the forthcoming Amazon Prime Day sale. For the base variant with 128GB of internal storage, the smartphone was introduced in India for a price of Rs. 79,900. A 10% discount on qualified SBI Bank credit card and ICICI Bank debit and credit card purchases is anticipated to be included in the lower price.

iPhone 14 features and specifications:

The iPhone 14 was introduced during Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event in September of last year and is powered by the A15 Bionic technology that also went into the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models that were introduced in 2021. The phone has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display with Dolby Vision support, Ceramic Shield protection, and a maximum brightness of 1200 nits.

The 12-megapixel wide-angle and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle cameras of the iPhone 14 are used to take pictures and videos. A 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera for selfies and video calls is located on the front. The iPhone 14 also has Apple’s Action Mode for better video stabilisation and Photonic Engine for better low-light performance.

Apple’s Face ID biometric security system, which is present on all of the company’s phones since the 2017 release of the iPhone X, is included on the iPhone 14 for biometric security. The battery size of Apple’s cellphones is not made public, but the company claims that the iPhone 14 has a longer battery life than its predecessor, which debuted in 2021.


In conclusion, the announcement that the price of the iPhone 14 would be reduced to Rs. 66,499 during the Amazon Prime Day Sale has shocked the Indian market. The iPhone 14 is positioned to revolutionise the smartphone market with its cutting-edge features, gorgeous style, and remarkable performance.

Customers in India have the opportunity to get this technological marvel at an unbelievably low cost thanks to this limited-time deal. Put the iPhone 14 on your shopping list, mark your calendars, and get ready for the much anticipated Amazon Prime Day Sale!

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