Despite Instagram-Twitter rivalry, Threads app has 50M users:


Just 24 hours after its launch on Thursday, Meta’s Threads app has racked up 50 million users. Instagram, Meta’s well-known photo and video sharing platform, is tightly integrated with Text-Based Microblogging. Even though Threads has seen rapid growth, Meta is enticing customers to join by leveraging its Instagram user base of over 2.35 billion active users. While Twitter’s recently hired CEO is already feeling the heat, its competitor has pledged to sue Meta.

Thread App:

Throughout the article given by MobitechWorld, we will examine how Threads Became a Tough Competitor against Twitter and Instagram.

It has been hard work for Instagram’s parent company, Meta, to market Threads, a brand new messaging service. According to Alex Heath, a journalist for The Verge, Meta’s internal data indicates that Threads has seen a boom in popularity, gaining over 48 million users. There is no doubt that the app is gaining traction among social media enthusiasts with this remarkable number.

Meta has added a special feature to further entice users to sign up and utilise Threads. In each user’s Instagram profile, a serial number with their registration date is shown. As a visible badge of honour, this serial number demonstrates the user’s early adoption of the software and involvement in its expanding community. By including this function, Meta hopes to convey a sense.

Access to Software:

Though Threads was simultaneously released on Thursday on the software Store and Google Play store, it should be noted that not all countries have access to the software. Because of the strict privacy laws in the EU, Meta hasn’t made the service available to users there.

The software has reached to the top of app stores in a number of different nations; in India, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Threads are the top three free iOS apps. In China, where Meta’s other apps are presently restricted, the Threads app apparently climbed to the fifth spot in the App Store; Threads is anticipated to experience the same fate.

Twitter Threatens Legal Action Against Meta:

According to The Verge, the Threads app had more than 95 million posts as of Thursday and had received 190 million likes overall on the website. Elon Musk’s Twitter seems to be starting to feel the pressure. According to reports, the platform threatened legal action against Meta in a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Twitter’s attorney Alex Spirt.

Twitter CEO Stresses Unique Community:

The CEO of Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, recently highlighted the enormous significance of the Twitter community and emphasised its singularity and irreplaceability. Despite attempts by other platforms, Yaccarino emphasised that the community on Twitter was not something that could be readily duplicated or mimicked.

Twitter’s User-Driven Vibrant Community:

The power of the Twitter community can be found in its user-driven history. Twitter users have contributed their ideas, viewpoints, and perspectives since the platform’s beginnings, resulting in a vibrant and diverse online community. This natural expansion has produced a lively and active community that fosters connections, discussions, and other activities that are unique to Twitter.

The CEO made reference to imitations when discussing other social media sites that have made an effort to imitate the Twitter experience. While these systems might provide comparable

Threads Anticipates Growth Despite Limitations:

Although the service presently lacks capabilities that users are used to on other platforms, such the ability to view a chronological feed or the option to send private messages (or DMs), Threads’ user base is anticipated to increase over the course of the next day. The company’s support materials also suggest that you cannot deactivate your Threads account without also terminating your Instagram account, demonstrating how interconnected the two are.


In conclusion, the growing rivalry between Instagram and Twitter is largely to blame for the substantial increase in popularity of the Threads app, which now has 50 million users. Threads has become a popular choice as users look for communication platforms that are more private and intimate, as it provides capabilities that meet this need.

It has a sizable user base, taking advantage of the rivalry between the two social media behemoths, thanks to its easy connection with Instagram and emphasis on close friends and private messaging. Threads is well-positioned to thrive and develop as a significant participant in the social media environment as consumers embrace its distinctive offering of private and individualised conversation.

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