Free Fire publisher Garena puts big bet on mobile Esports-September 5

Free Fire


With the wildly popular battle royale smartphone game, Free Fire, Singapore-based digital corporation Sea Ltd is attempting a risky comeback in India through its subsidiary Garena. After being banned in India, Garena is poised to bring back Free Fire with a new moniker and country-specific features. To re-engage the user base, this revival presents significant challenges and will require a lot of work.

In this blog, we’ll examine the most latest game news on the release of Free Fire in India as well as Garena’s aspirational goals for the country’s esports industry.

The Indian Challenge: Regaining User Contact

Senior Manager and Game Producer at Garena Vaibhav Das Mundhra acknowledged the difficulty in reestablishing contact with Free Fire’s Indian user base after the government banned the game last year. Despite this obstacle, Mundhra is upbeat, pointing to the game’s sizable and devoted fan following in India. Rebuilding engagement and trust with these players is the task.

Free Fire’s Renewal: A New Identity and Features Focused on India

Garena is making every attempt to regain the loyalty of Indian gamers. For the Indian market, the business relaunched Free Fire, highlighting its India-specific features. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a legend in Indian cricket, is one major inclusion. He will be the face of Free Fire India and even make an appearance as a playable character called “Thala.” Indian gamers are sure to be very excited by this celebrity endorsement.

Free Fire

The modified version of Free Fire complies with local laws and regulations, according to Mundhra, despite the fact that specifics of the adjustments demanded by the Indian government are still unknown. It demonstrates Garena’s dedication to addressing issues and supplying a secure gaming environment.

Local Hosting and Infrastructure: Yotta Partnership

“Free Fire India” will only function in India under its new guise. To guarantee fluid gameplay, Garena has teamed with Yotta Infrastructure, a regional provider of cloud hosting and storage infrastructure. The majority of servers are with Yotta, but there are still a few common Garena servers in Singapore. The goal of this tailored strategy is to improve the gaming experience for Indian users.

Free Fire’s Ban and Global Popularity

Given that Free Fire amassed an astounding 218 million mobile device downloads in 2021 and was the most downloaded game globally in the App Store and Play Store, its suspension in India had enormous ramifications. This action was a part of a larger initiative by the Indian government to impose restrictions on 54 applications, the most of which were of Chinese origin, because of security concerns in light of the escalating hostilities between India and China. Stay tuned for the new latest game and developments.

Similar to past limits placed on PUBG Mobile, the ban on Free Fire prompted South Korean developer Krafton to release Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). These steps highlight the rising scrutiny mobile gaming applications are receiving from the Indian authorities.

Garena’s Adaptations for the Indian Market:

Mundhra notes that Garena has significantly altered Free Fire to meet the tastes of Indian gamers. These modifications include a number of functions and material created especially for the Indian market. To promote responsible gaming, it is noteworthy that a verification system for parental oversight, gameplay restrictions, and “take a break” reminders have been added.

Indian gamers will be able to access the redesigned Free Fire India starting on September 5, which promises an improved and compelling gaming experience.

Free Fire

Esports: The Key Focus for Garena:

Garena has its sights set on the developing mobile esports industry in India in addition to the relaunch of Free Fire. Mundhra thinks that esports in the nation, although it is still comparatively underdeveloped in comparison to other markets, has enormous potential. Garena’s long-term objective is to develop a vibrant esports ecosystem in India by not only promoting esports on a national and international scale, but also at the grassroots level, particularly on college campuses.

The Rise of Esports:

Since platforms like Twitch and YouTube make it possible to broadcast gaming tournaments live to a worldwide audience, esports, or competitive video game playing, has seen tremendous growth. Similar to traditional sports, major publishers like Garena support athletes and competitions, with athletes earning large salaries from branding, advertising, and media arrangements.

Mobile esports are particularly well-liked in India thanks to the wide availability of smartphones and reasonably priced mobile data. As a publisher and game developer, Garena has been aggressively setting up mobile esports competitions all around the world. A striking US$2 million prize pool was offered at the Free Fire World Series in Singapore in 2021, demonstrating the scope and promise of esports competitions.

Garena’s Commitment to Indian Esports

Garena recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Uttar Pradesh in order to strengthen its position in the Indian esports market. In an effort to strengthen India’s esports ecosystem, the business wants to stage an international-level esports event in UP in December. Garena also plans to host the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) and send the champions to the November Free Fire World Series in Thailand.

Garena’s strategic focus on the Indian market is a testament to the potential of the market and the company’s dedication to offering enjoyable gaming experiences as esports continue to attract consumers around the world. Stay updated with the latest news in the gaming industry.


Garena’s ambitious goals to develop the esports ecosystem and the company’s relaunch of Free Fire in India show their commitment to the Indian gaming community. Garena is positioned to have a large impact on the gaming and esports scene in India because to the support of features that are specifically targeted at the country, collaborations with regional infrastructure providers, and a focus on responsible gaming.

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