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Gurugram, the capital of Haryana’s economy and a significant centre for IT, banking, and medical tourism, is currently dealing with intercommunal conflict that has caused worry for the safety and wellbeing of its citizens. The safety of their staff has been prioritised by a number of Gurugram-based corporate companies in response to the ongoing violence reported in nearby areas.

Throughout the article given by MobitechWorld, we examine how companies are adopting remote work as a way to protect their employees in these unsettling times.

Several corporate firms with offices in Gurugram have taken proactive measures to prioritise the safety and well-being of their staff in light of the ongoing racial tensions in Haryana. On Tuesday, August 1, more violent occurrences were reported in nearby districts, prompting several businesses to shorten usual business hours and implement a work-from-home policy for the ensuing few days.


The Situation in Gurugram:

Gurugram’s corporate entities have taken note of the ongoing violence in the surrounding regions and taken action to protect their employees. Following many instances of disturbance on Tuesday, August 1, many businesses chose to shorten regular business hours and implement a work-from-home policy going forward.

Even the district magistrate’s office recognised the critical scenario and mandated the August 2, 2023 closure of all public and private educational institutions in the Gurugram district’s Sohna subdistrict.

Remote Work Adoption:

Many corporate establishments have proactively chosen a remote work configuration till August 4 in reaction to the government communication and growing worries. This choice is made with the intention of reducing employee danger and protecting their safety during the ongoing turbulence. While some businesses have successfully shifted their staff to remote work, others have struggled to sustain productivity and communication.

Online services and residential societies are affected:

Residential societies in the area have also been impacted by the racial animosity. According to reports, some societies asked their majority-Muslim maids to take time off during this time, which temporarily stopped online deliveries in the region. The incident illustrates how the disturbance has a wider impact on daily life and enterprises, having an influence across several industries.

Corporate Response and Preparedness:

Depending on how each company in Gurugram assessed the issue, different responses were made. Because Section 144 has been enforced by the authorities, Hero MotoCorp in Gurgaon has required remote work for staff, whilst Maruti employees have resumed on-site work.

Although no orders to stop production have yet been given by the authorities, all businesses are nonetheless ready to abide by their directions as things develop.

Government Measures and School Closures:

To stop gatherings and preserve peace in the city, the Gurgaon police have imposed Section 144 of the IPC. With the exception of those in the Sohna subdivision, all schools in Gurgaon have temporarily been closed but are scheduled to return soon.

At this time, there are no directives from the government ordering the closure of any offices or manufacturing operations. Corporate businesses are becoming cautious because of ongoing internet censorship and school closings in the Sohna subdivision.

The Work-from-Home Advisory from LinkedIn:

In reaction to the scenario in Gurgaon, LinkedIn, a significant player in the business sector, released a work-from-home (WFH) guideline. If employees intend to work from the office in the next days, the business encouraged prudence and discretion out of concern for their safety. The advice emphasises how important it is for businesses to be on guard and put their employees’ welfare first when a crisis arises.


The safety and wellbeing of its employees has been prioritised by corporate enterprises operating in Gurugram as the city deals with the effects of intercommunal conflict. Businesses are making an attempt to get through these trying times, as evidenced by the introduction of remote work policies and several other safety measures.

Companies will continue to closely watch events as the situation changes and adjust their strategies as necessary to guarantee worker safety and business continuity. MobitechWorld is committed to informing readers of the most recent advancements and business responses even in these tumultuous times.

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