iOS 17 NameDrop: Your Ultimate Guide to the Latest New Technology News

iOS 17


Apple regularly adds new features and improves its iOS ecosystem in line with the rapidly changing technological landscape and the latest new technology news. The NameDrop feature is one of several exciting new features included in iOS 17, the most recent version of the mobile operating system. You’re in the perfect place if you use an iPhone and want to learn more about this new feature. We’ll walk you through the procedures for using the NameDrop feature on your iOS 17 device in this in-depth guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Enabling AirDrop
  3. Initiating NameDrop
  4. Sharing Contacts
  5. Receiving Contacts
  6. Cancelling NameDrop
  7. Limitations of NameDrop
  8. Turning Off NameDrop
  9. Coming Soon to Apple Watch
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs

Apple’s NameDrop function, available in iOS 17, enables users to seamlessly share contact information with others utilizing the current latest technology, AirDrop technology. When you need to rapidly share contact information with a coworker, acquaintance, or member of your family, this tool comes in extremely helpful. Let’s go into the specifics of using NameDrop efficiently.

Activating AirDrop

Make sure AirDrop is turned on on your iPhone before you can use NameDrop. Follow these steps to accomplish this:
Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
Choose “General.”
Touch “AirDrop.”
In order to make your gadget discoverable to others, select the “Everyone” option.
For NameDrop to function properly, your device and the recipient’s device must both be running iOS 17.
launching NameDrop
Once AirDrop is enabled, follow these easy steps to start the NameDrop procedure:
Hold your iPhone’s top against the top of another person’s phone.
A successful pairing is indicated by a glowing connection indicator that appears at the top of both devices.
You’ll see the “NameDrop” option on both screens.

iOS 17

Exchange Contacts

You have the option to choose between “Share,” “Receive Only,” or both when using NameDrop, keeping you up-to-date with the most current tech news. Select your preferred action based on your intention:

Share: You can use this to transmit the other device your contact details.
Contacting Others
If you only want to get contact details from the other device, select this option.
Both: You can send and receive contact information simultaneously by choosing this option.

Cancelling NameDrop:

Simply move the two devices apart before NameDrop is finished if you want to stop it and keep up with the latest information on new game news.

The restrictions of NameDrop
It’s vital to remember that NameDrop is only intended for sending new contact information; changing old contacts is not supported.

Disabling NameDrop

To disable NameDrop, take the following actions:
Navigate to “Settings” on your iPhone.
Choose “General.”
Access “AirDrop.”
Turn off “Bringing Devices Together” in the settings.

Coming Soon to Apple Watch:

For Apple Watch owners who are also interested in the top gaming news, there is exciting news! NameDrop will be accessible on Apple Watch in a forthcoming update later this year, according to Apple, making it even simpler to transmit contact information while on the go.


The NameDrop feature in iOS 17 is a practical approach to instantly share contact information with others. You may take full advantage of this new feature and speed up the contact-sharing procedure by following the instructions provided in this tutorial.

iOS 17

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Can I use NameDrop with older iPhone models?

NameDrop requires both devices to be running iOS 17, so it may not be compatible with older iPhone models.

Is NameDrop secure?

Yes, NameDrop uses AirDrop technology, which is secure and encrypted.

Can I use NameDrop with non-Apple devices?

No, NameDrop is exclusively available for Apple devices

Does NameDrop work with third-party apps?

NameDrop is designed to work with Apple’s native contacts app and may not be compatible with third-party apps.

When will NameDrop be available on Apple Watch?

Apple has confirmed that NameDrop will be available on Apple Watch in an update later this year. Stay tuned for more details!

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