Strong Demand for iPhone Pro Models in 2023 Is Indicated by iPhone 15 Panel Orders in June: DSCC



Apple’s iPhone series has always been a force to be reckoned with in the fiercely competitive smartphone market. Every year, users eagerly await the introduction of new iPhone models as excitement for their newest features and advancements grows. It is scheduled to launch in 2023, and early signs point to extremely significant demand for the iPhone Pro variants. The rise in panel orders seen in June, as reported by the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), is proof of this.

The Expectations for the iPhone 15:

It is anticipated to include a number of interesting improvements that will push the limits of what a smartphone is capable of. The debut of this highly anticipated smartphone is widely awaited by Apple devotees because to improvements in processing power, camera technology, and display quality.

Meaning of Panel Orders:

Panel orders are a trustworthy sign of demand in the smartphone sector. Based on their projected production volumes and taking into account the anticipated sales volume, manufacturers make orders for panels. Apple appears to be confident in the robust demand for its future models, judging by the increase in iPhone 15 panel orders in June.

Enhancements Generating Demand:

For years, the models have been renowned for their cutting-edge functionality and exceptional performance. With each version, Apple innovates and introduces new technologies, and It Is expected to follow this trend. The high demand for these models is probably being driven by increased features including a speedier processor, better camera capabilities, and an immersive viewing experience.

Impact of 5G Technology:

Recent smartphone updates have been significantly accelerated by the deployment of 5G networks. New possibilities for mobile experiences are made possible by 5G technology’s higher download rates and lower latency. Customers are anxiously awaiting as it is anticipated to offer improved 5G connectivity and take use of this technology.

Market Competition and Brand Loyalty:

The demand for new models is significantly influenced by consumers’ steadfast adherence to the Apple brand. Customers of Apple are renowned for having a strong loyalty to the company and eagerly purchasing the newest products. It stands apart from other smartphone makers in a market where competition is severe thanks to its reputation for quality, performance, and user experience.

Emerging markets and market expansion:

There is a demand for Pro versions outside of reputable markets. With a rising middle class and rising purchasing power in emerging economies, Apple has been actively extending its footprint there. These markets provide tremendous development potential for Apple, and it is anticipated that the robust demand for iPhone 15 Pro models will also be present in these markets.

The ecosystem and services of Apple:

iCloud, Apple Music, and the App Store are just a few of the services that make up Apple’s ecosystem and are crucial in generating consumer loyalty and demand for its products. Customers are compelled to stay in the Apple ecosystem and spend money on new iPhone models because of the smooth synchronisation and integration between Apple devices.

Supply chain management issues and production constraints:

For Apple’s supply chain, meeting the increased demand models presents major problems. To satisfy consumer expectations, the business must make sure that production capacity is maximised and that any potential bottlenecks are resolved. In order to fill the spike in panel orders and please the excited customers waiting for release, a strong supply chain management strategy is essential.

It will include the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, is set to launch later this year as the replacement to the iPhone 14 series of smartphones. While Apple is unlikely to announce its next generation of handsets for several months, a display supply chain analysis firm has claimed that the series could see significant demand later this year. The new iPhone models will run iOS 17, Apple’s newest mobile operating system, which was announced at WWDC 2023.

At comparison to panel orders at the same period in 2022, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) believes that orders are 100 percent higher (via 9to5Mac). Meanwhile, the company has discovered that, when compared to the iPhone 14 Pro series a year ago, a greater proportion of iPhone 15 Pro displays were ordered in June.

According to the study, orders for iPhone 15 Pro and it displays accounted for 58 percent and 43 percent of panel shipments, respectively. This means that Apple is planning for high demand for the series.

Apple has yet to publicly announce specifics about the lineup, but the smartphone series’ design and specifications have previously leaked online. A source recently obtained photographs of suspected covers, indicating the presence of a new mute button that might replace the company’s omnipresent mute switch. It is also claimed to include a much more advanced version of its ultra-wideband processor for improved interoperability with Apple’s recently unveiled Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

According to previous rumours, the average selling price will jump to $925 (approximately Rs. 75,900). The 48-megapixel primary camera models is believed to be carried over to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, while the top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max model is said to include a new periscope lens for greater zoom capability. These hardware changes have yet to be confirmed by Apple, so take them with a grain of salt months before the smartphones’ planned release.

15th iPhone from Apple
Display 6.06-inch Rear Camera Unspecified + 48-megapixel RAM 8GB OS iOS
iPhone 6s (32GB) by Apple Rose Gold –
Apple iPhone SE (64GB) (2022) – 49,900 – Starlight
Vivo V21 5G (8GB RAM, 128GB storage) – Polar White


The increase in iPhone Pro 15 panel orders in June is an indication of how popular iPhone Pro models will be in 2023. Apple is in a good position to profit from the excitement surrounding because to improved features, the influence of 5G technology, brand loyalty, and market expansion. Apple’s supply chain management will be crucial in meeting the growing demand as the release date draws near and assuring the successful debut of the much awaited product.

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