WhatsApp Desktop Beta: 32-Person Video Calls – New Update


According to reports, WhatsApp has increased the cap on group video calls in the most recent desktop beta. The well-known Meta-owned chat platform formerly permitted video calls with up to 8 users, but a future upgrade is anticipated to quadruple this limit for all users on the desktop programme. WhatsApp has stopped supporting its previous desktop software built on the Electron platform, meaning Windows users must now download the programme via the Microsoft Store.

Enhanced Video Call Capacity:

On its desktop beta version, WhatsApp has dramatically raised the maximum number of participants in video calls. Users can now participate in video conferences with up to 32 people at once. This increased capacity creates a wide range of opportunities for holding online meetings, family get-togethers, group work sessions, and more.

Cross-Platform Functionality:

The cross-platform capability of WhatsApp Desktop Beta has been improved with the addition of up to 32-person video calls. While taking part in group video chats, users can now switch between their mobile devices and desktops without any interruption. With this functionality, users can stay connected and involved regardless of the device they like to use with increased flexibility and convenience.

Screen Sharing:

In addition to increasing the number of participants per conversation, WhatsApp has now included the capability to share the screen during video chats on the desktop beta version. Users can share their screen with other participants with this function, which makes it simpler to show documents, work on projects together, or give visual demonstrations. Video chats become more interactive and productive when screen sharing is used, making them more beneficial for both personal and business needs.

Feature scout WABetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2324.1.0 has started testing the ability to initiate video calls with up to 32 people. Currently, WhatsApp Desktop users can use the Windows application to make audio and video chats with 32 people or 8 people respectively, but an upcoming update is anticipated to increase the limit for all users after beta testing for the feature is complete.

According to the feature tracker, some WhatsApp users who have the most recent beta version of the desktop software installed may be invited to initiate an audio or video conversation with up to 32 contacts or groups. On the most recent beta, not every user will see the notice, indicating that a server-side upgrade is required to activate it.

Users can download the most recent WhatsApp beta for Windows update from the Microsoft Store to test out the ability to start group calls with up to 32 people. Users do not need to register for beta updates, and both the stable and beta versions of the app can be installed simultaneously on the same device, unlike the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

According to a recent tip from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has stopped supporting the Electron-based WhatsApp Desktop software for Windows. All previous WhatsApp users will now need to download the native app from the Microsoft Store if they were using an older version. It’s important to note that users of an upcoming version of the native app will be able to start video calls with up to 32 people via the app store.


An intriguing advancement for the messaging service is the beta testing of video calls with up to 32 participants on WhatsApp Desktop. WhatsApp’s dedication to offering a seamless and immersive communication experience across numerous devices is demonstrated by this new functionality. Users now have the option to participate in bigger group conversations and interact with a wider network of friends, family, or coworkers thanks to the increase in the video call participant limit.

By enabling users to easily transition between devices while keeping the same level of functionality and comfort, the addition of video calls on WhatsApp Desktop increases the platform’s adaptability. People who prefer utilising a computer for communication or who require the extra screen space for a more enjoyable video conversation will find this option to be extremely helpful.

Additionally, during the beta testing stage, WhatsApp is able to collect insightful user input, guaranteeing that the final release of video calls on WhatsApp Desktop is polished and optimised for lag-free operation. It is anticipated that any potential faults or problems would be fixed as testing goes on, giving users a stable and dependable video calling experience.

Overall, WhatsApp’s status as a top messaging platform is further cemented with the introduction of video calls on WhatsApp Desktop with an increased participant limit. This represents a significant advancement in improving communication possibilities.




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