‘Wonderlust’ launch event: iPhone 15 Pro revealed with Action Button



Leaks and rumors are commonplace in the fast-paced world of technology, and Apple’s eagerly anticipated “Wonderlust” launch event is no exception. There has been a huge iPhone 15 Pro disclosure just hours before the presentation. Apple seems to be bucking convention by switching out the well-known mute switch for the fascinating new Action button.

‘Before It’s News’ made news with a picture of a Spigen case made for the iPhone 15 Pro, which served as the first indicator of this development. We will examine the specifics of this discovery, consider the Action button’s potential ramifications, and talk about what to anticipate from Apple’s Wonderlust event in this blog.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s Game-Changing Feature

In the smartphone market, Apple has established a reputation for innovation and trendsetting. Unquestionably, the information that the iPhone 15 Pro would lack the conventional mute switch in favor of an Action button represents a considerable change from the standard.


This information was made public by Spigen, a well-known manufacturer of smartphone cases, when they posted an image of a case made specifically for the future iPhone 15 Pro. Above the volume rocker, where one would typically find the mute switch, the image clearly depicts a third button.

Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ Launch Event

The ‘Wonderlust’ launch event, which will start at 10:30 IST tonight, is expected to be a turning point for Apple and smartphone fans everywhere. At this event, Apple is anticipated to introduce four new models: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Pro versions of these are most likely to have the interesting Action button.

Spigen’s disclosure, which has also been making ripples on the “New Update App,” has all but verified the existence of this unusual button on the future iPhones, even though Apple is known for keeping its hardware features closely under wraps.

A Glimpse into the Action Button’s Origin

The Action button has been mentioned in rumors before, so this is not new. Images of protective cases for the alleged iPhone 15 Pro appeared on the Chinese social media site Weibo in June. These pictures provide a tantalizing preview of the next phone’s design by showcasing the third button’s appearance above the volume keys. Notably, this development shows a change in Apple’s strategy for hardware design, choosing a button that is more adaptable and programmable.

The Power of Programmability:

The Action button’s capacity to be programmed is its most exciting feature. Although Apple hasn’t formally confirmed it, earlier sources indicate that this button will let users do a variety of tasks. These operations could involve switching between Focus modes, gaining access to accessibility features, turning on the flashlight, or even starting the camera to take pictures and movies. The potential for customization and increased functionality opens up exciting possibilities for users to tailor their iPhones to their specific needs and preferences, as per the latest news.


What to Expect at ‘Wonderlust’

Apple devotees are anxiously awaiting further information about the Action button and its potential as the ‘Wonderlust’ launch event takes place. With its quick and accessible access to a variety of features and tasks, this button has the potential to completely transform how people engage with their iPhones. Apple is also likely to introduce other cutting-edge functions and upgrades across its iPhone family, ushering in a new era of smartphone technology.


Prior to Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ announcement event, the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro was leaked, which caused a great deal of excitement and anticipation. This unanticipated move away from the conventional mute option is a sign of Apple’s dedication to pushing the frontiers of innovation and giving customers new and flexible ways to utilize their devices.

All eyes are on Apple as they hit the stage to disclose the full scope of this ground-breaking technology and its potential impact on the smartphone market when the event gets underway tonight. As the ‘Wonderlust’ event continues, keeping an eye out for new updates and insights that promise a glimpse into the future of iPhone technology.


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