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Apple has once again attracted the interest of kids with its alluring offers and special bargains as back-to-school time draws near. The tech giant is aware of how important it is to provide students with the most up-to-date equipment, so this year they have upped their game by promising exclusive discounts, free AirPods, and other incentives. In this post, we’ll examine Apple’s back-to-school promotion in-depth and emphasise the features and advantages that make it a desirable choice for students.

Recognising Apple’s Back-to-School Initiative:

1.1 Qualification and Registration:

1.2 Programme Runtime:

Special Discounts:

2.1 Deals on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air:

2.2 Offers for iPad and iPad Pro

2.3 Watch promotions

No cost AirPods:

3.1 How to Get a Free Pair of AirPods

3.2 Features and Advantages of AirPods

3.3 Compatibility with Devices

iCloud Care+:

4.1 Protection of devices is crucial

4.2 Advantages of Apple Care+

4.3 Back-to-School Pricing Specials

Services and Software for Education:

5.1 Student Apple Music Plan

5.2 Subscriptions to Arcade and Apple TV+

5.3 Productivity for iWork and iLife

Trade-In Initiative:

6.1 How to Use the Trade-In Programme

6.2 Devices That Can Be Traded In

6.3 Process of Appraisal and Value Evaluation

Apple’s Support for Education:

7.1 Working together with educational institutions

7.2 Resources for Online Learning

7.3 Improving the educational experience

How to Get the Most Out of Apple’s Back-to-School Promotion:

8.1 Investigate and contrast prices

8.2 Utilise Education Store

8.3 Think about device requirements and compatibility

The following are testimonials from students:

9.1 Real-World Examples

9.2 Resulting from Academic Performance

9.3Value and reliability over the long term

A new Mac or iPad would be a wonderful gift for students right now. At its locations in BKC and Saket, Apple is giving away free AirPods, an Apple Pencil, and more with qualified products.

With numerous intriguing bargains, including free AirPods and Pencils with eligible devices and free Music and TV+ subscriptions, has unveiled new Back to School offerings. Although some of these promotions are only available at the new BKC and Saket stores, shoppers at authorised retail locations won’t be let down either.

Nearly all of PC and tablet pricing have been reduced as part of this promotion. For instance, the current iPad Air starts at Rs 54,900 for students, while the MacBook Air 13″ (M1) starts at Rs 89,990. When customers purchase the following items from the new Apple stores in BKC and Saket, they will get AirPods and an Apple Pencil for free:

  • Mac mini, AirPods (3rd generation), MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac 24
  • 1Apple has listed additional advantages of shopping at its April-opened official stores. Greater customization is available at the BKC and Saket stores, where customers may choose the memory, storage, graphics, and colours for Macs as well as engraving options for the iPad, AirPods, and Apple Pencil. For longer-lasting accidental damage protection for their devices, users can also save 20% on Care+. Additionally, purchasers receive 3 months of Music and TV+ for free and only pay Rs 59 per month as students after that.
  • These deals are available for the iPad Air 5th generation and the second-generation Pencil from June 22 until October 2.2.9.
  • In the meanwhile, in addition to the current loan and reward offers from consumer banks, authorized merchants and premium resellers are providing 8% savings for students and teachers. The promotional period runs from June 18 until September 30.
  • Just keep in mind that in order to take advantage of these promotions, you must visit the businesses with a valid student ID, instructor ID, and identification proof.


Students have a fantastic opportunity to get cutting-edge equipment at cheap costs during back-to-school campaign. With special offers, no-cost AirPods, and a variety of educational software and services, Apple demonstrates its dedication to promoting students’ productivity and learning.

Students can benefit from this limited-time deal and acquire a competitive edge in their academic endeavours by purchasing a MacBook, iPad, or Watch. Don’t pass up this wonderful chance to provide yourself the most effective tools for success.




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